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Woman seeking nsa ashby massachusetts

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I enjoy films of every genre and from every. I am fond of film noir.

Age: 34
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I enjoy films of every genre and from every. I am fond of film noir. While no expert, I have a collection and continue to add to it. How attractive I find cinematic worlds full of dark, ominous shadows, sinful immorality, private eyes, the vixens masxachusetts hire them, gun powder and TNT.

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Perhaps you're a die hard fan of the genre and would like to share your expertise as there are countless debates over what constitutes a film be a noiror a newbie and would like me to expose you to some of the dark, gritty fun? Either or would be great! Film noirs, caper films, and flicks, oh my! I also really nda old gangster flicks.

Fun, funny, friendly, kind. White, in-shape male. Can host evenings at apartment in Queens or bring some over to you.

And here I am in the platonic section looking for platonic movie. I just get along with girls better as I grew up in a household with many sisters and also, there's sometimes some sort of macho figurative, although maybe sometimes literal contest that develops between two guys, even two who claim xeeking be friends.

Competition athletic, romantic, intellectual, etc. I'd rather not take part.

Hope to hear back from ya! Fans of detective fiction welcome to reply as well!