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Biggest question facing Warriors: How bad will coronavirus The exemption re: Any person who is 1 a member of a professional or collegiate sports team, including team staff, who travels solely for fraancisco games where there is an existing, non-suspended Health and Franicsco Plan that was approved by the Health Officer allowing such travel and the protocols of such plan, including requirements to keep such individuals quarantined away from others in the County, are followed.

They have two health care workers traveling with the team and are all tested every morning. They have no team meals; instead, they eat in their rooms.

Warriors are fortunate to play in S.F. where coronavirus exemption favors them

They wear masks during practices and meetings. And when they return?

We will continue to encourage our guys to stay home as much as possible and stay safe. Encouraging players to stay safe and enforcing an airtight quarantine or bubble are two different things. Their system is not perfect.

They are public figures and have a responsibility to model public health requirements. The Warriors will be returning to their homes, many of which are populated with other family members or roommates, all with their own varying levels of exposure and caution over the past 10 days.

And, as with almost all sports figures in the United States, athletes are being held to a different standard than the rest francieco us. Instead of modeling how to comply with a quarantine, teams are being exempted, as with the Warriors, fleeing like the 49ers or bucking the orders, as the Spartans football team did. Over the bubbled summer, the NBA was a model of compliance and seriousness.

Those most in need of early vaccination, after frontline workers, are the elderly and the poor, those who live in conditions that cause the virus to spread rapidly and who have little access to top health care. Jumping the line on vaccination would be an issue of access and privilege, just like the San Francisco health exemptions seem to be.

In some cases, sports teams are great role models. Being exempt from a serious rule that the rest of us are expected to follow is not such a case. : akillion sfchronicle.