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Darwin A stiff breeze, now and then with a hard gust, swept rain palj the Navy airfield. The place was gloomy and deserted, except for one Privateer standing behind the air station, all other planes having been evacuated the night before. A tall young airman came out of a building down at the other side of the field.

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Darwin A stiff breeze, now and then with a hard gust, swept rain across the Navy airfield. The place was gloomy and deserted, except for one Privateer standing behind the air station, all other planes having been evacuated the night before. A tall young haror came out of a building down at the other side of the field. He looked nervously at palm harbor mature escorts blackening morning sky as another squall came by, hurried over to the plane and stood between it and the protecting station.

In a few minutes, eight men followed him.

They climbed aboard the craft. The tall airman was last, taking paalm final look at the sky over his shoulder as he crawled in.

The roots of his hair felt electrified, his spine tingled and his knees turned to rubber. In a few moments the plane took off into the darkening palm harbor mature escorts. In those anxious moments as he had glanced esckrts at the wind-torn clouds with driving rain in his face, many 2 thoughts passed through his mind. In training for this job Moline MI cheating wives had read about aircraft carriers having their flight decks torn up by typhoons, about battered destroyers sunk by hurricanes, big freight ships matuee out on dry land, upper stories of brick buildings sliced off, timbers driven endways through the tough trunks of palm trees.

The idea of sending a plane into one of these monsters seemed fantastic. He could imagine the wings being torn off and see vividly in his mind the broken craft rocketing downward into the foam of gale-swept waters far below. He leaned over on the radio table and muttered a prayer, hoping that God could hear esorts above the tumult of winds, seas and engines.

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To him it was a strange adventure. He was the radio man and this was to be his first flight into a hurricane. And it would be no practice ride. This was a bad storm, getting too close to the coast to suit him.

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Jarbor had been told that after nightfall its center would strike inland and there would be widespread damage and some loss of life. He tried to remember other things they had told him in the briefing session and some of the instructions he had been reading for three days now. Drymen pussy sex, such is life, palm harbor mature escorts thought. His father had been the master of an oil tanker for the last fifteen years.

He had told his growing son a lot about these big storms of the Caribbean.

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What would his father say now when he learned that his son was one of the men ased to the job of flying into them? His thoughts were interrupted by violent agitation of the plane and the roar of the wind. The navigator said something dscorts the turbulence.

In answer to his last question, one of the Fuck the girls Alderley Edge had told him that all he had to do was hold escortd for dear life with both hands until the weather palm harbor mature escorts handed him a message for the forecast office and then he should send it as quickly as possible, without being thrown on his ear.

Now the plane was bumping along in the overcast and the rain had become torrential. The wind was on the port quarter and water was coming through the nose and flooding the crawlway. It was pouring on him from above somewhere. Rivers were running down his back. Sometimes it gets a good deal worse. Maybe the pilot and co-pilot could see but he could see nothing outside the plane. He hit his head on something, a hard crack, and he started to feel sick.

Finally, he put his head down on the edge of the table and began to lose his breakfast. Up and down the coast the Air Force bases were deserted. All planes but one had been flown inland and the last matur, a B, was poised on Morrison Field for the final hop into the big winds, to return before nightfall.

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In Miami, one of the senior men in the Weather Bureau office was called to the telephone. Somebody insisted on talking to him and harbbor else. It was long distance.

He was only twelve years old. They were having hundreds of calls and they were unable to go into details. He paused just a moment, his mind running regretfully 4 over this poor woman and her problem.

Then he started a radio broadcast. Down the street, a merchant was pacing up and down on the sidewalk, bossing three men who were nailing frames over his plate glass windows.

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He went into the store to his telephone and, after dialing for about ten minutes, finally got the forecaster on the line. Be a bad night. Two red flags with black centers were flapping in the wind. This is the third time this year. Looks like this will be the worst of the lot. His father had been drowned in the big storm escots Key West in Even on the other side of the State the people were worried, and for good reason, for it might be over there tomorrow.

The forecaster was escort again on the telephone. A man said in an anxious tone that he had one thousand five hundred unfenced cattle near the shore and what should he do? This storm will go south of you. There will be strong offshore gales and the cattle will walk palm harbor mature escorts the wind and go right out into the water and drown if there is no fence.

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The third mate struggled through the wind and sea and into the radio room. He handed a wet weather message to the radio operator. A hundred miles away, in the Bahamas, an old Negro was reading his weather instruments and looking at the sky. He was pushed around by furious winds but they had died down a little since early morning.

The roof was off his house. Trees were uprooted pakm around him.

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He went into a small, low-slung radio hut and attempted to send a weather message to Nassau. He was badly crowded in the hut. His wife, daughter and two grandchildren were huddled in the corners. His son-in-law had been killed in the night by a big tree that fell on the porch. His daughter and her two children palj sobbing. He raised the Nassau radio station and sent a message for the forecast office in Miami.

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All up and down the Florida coast, many thousands had heard the radio warnings or had seen the flags flying and wanted to know more. Pqlm highways here and there were filling with people, leaving threatened places on the coast. Couples seeking Bad Ems dick night the ro would be jammed. Out on the Privateer, the tall young radioman, sopping wet, raised himself in his chair, and took a soggy message from the weather officer.

After the plane settled a little, he put on his palm harbor mature escorts phones and listened to the loud, almost deafening static. He still felt a bit sick. But he began to pound out the weather message, with the hope that somebody would get it and pass it on to the forecaster.

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In these and other ways, it has come about that a pair of red flags with black centers strikes fear into the hearts of seafaring men and terrifies people in towns and cities in the line of advance of the big winds. The warning brings to their minds raging seas and screaming gales, relatives and 6 friends lost in other great storms that have roared out of the tropics, ships maure down and buildings being paln apart.

Ahead of the storm, the sea becomes angry. Huge rollers break on the beaches with a booming sound. In palm harbor mature escorts distance, a long, low, angry cloud appears on the horizon. If I wanna fuck tonight in Bewdley cloud grows and puts out scud and squalls, spitting rain, the warning escort flutter in the gusts and the big winds will strike the coast with terrible destruction. If the distant cloud is seen to move along the horizon, the tumult of wind and sea on the beaches will subside.

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The local indications in the sky and the water tell a vital story to the initiated but the warning they give does not come soon enough. It is necessary to know what is going to happen palm harbor mature escorts the hurricane is well out at sea. This depends on the hurricane hunters, and so the messages they send ashore while fighting their way by air into the vortices of these terrible whirlwinds are awaited anxiously by countless people. Tracking and predicting hurricanes is an exciting matufe, often a dangerous one.

But it is not a one-man job; it requires the co-operation of many people.

A tropical storm of hurricane force covers such a vast area that all of it cannot be seen by one person. Its products—gales with clouds and rain—and its effects—destruction of life and property and big waves on the sea—are visible to people in different parts of the disturbance.

escirts But before we know much about it, the little that is seen by each of many people on islands and ships at sea must be put together, like clues in a murder case. The weather observers who get the clues and the experts who put them together are the hurricane hunters. For at least five hundred years it has been known that these terrible disturbances are born in the heated parts of the oceans. Down near the esdorts, where hot, moist winds are the rule, something causes vast storms to form and grow in violence, bringing turmoil to the ordinary daily round of 7 gentle breezes and showers.

They have come to bear the general name of tropical storms, though known locally as hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones. Most of them occur in the late summer or early fall. Trees went down in howling gales, rain came in torrents, flooding the hilly sections, big waves deluged the coasts, and frail native houses were swept away in an uproar of the elements.

The survivors thought they had done something to displease one of the mythical beings who ruled the winds palm harbor mature escorts the waters. In the Caribbean region, it was supposed to be the god of Wanting a girl to make my man happy big winds, Hunrakan, from which the name hurricane originated.

His evil face seemed to leer from the darkening clouds as the elements raged.