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Minutes: The Chair reminded the committee of its aim to provide expert, evidenced information to aid future policy discussion for Northampton. He suggested that the Committee hear from experts in the drugs field on a range of information on current trends, types of drugs, effects on people and communities, and possibilities for dealing with issues for the future. The following experts and professionals had been approached: Martin Northampton prostitute street, Chief Streett, DrugScope, - willing to come to next scheduled meeting - 13 April. Streett organisation had carried out research into legalisation of drugs.

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Minutes: The Chair reminded the committee of its aim to provide expert, evidenced information to aid future policy discussion for Northampton. He suggested that the Committee hear from experts in the drugs field on a range of information on current trends, types of drugs, effects on northampton prostitute street and communities, and possibilities for dealing with issues for the future. The following experts and professionals had been approached: Martin Barnes, Chief Executive, DrugScope, - willing to come to next scheduled meeting - 13 April.

'Degrading' sex workers ratings website gives grim look into Northamptonshire's seediest industry

The organisation had carried out research into legalisation of northampton prostitute street. It is generally opposed to the legalisation of drugs but does support Government radical reforms. Michelle Williamson, Community Nurse, NDAS, was welcomed and explained her role with those in trouble in relation to drugs and rehabilitation attendance. She had four years experience as general nurse in the prison service and had seen different approaches to the problem.

Her current post as Community Nurse dealt with drug offenders referred through the Probation Service and concerned people committing acquisitive crime to fund drug habits. She explained Drug Testing Orders and Grannies seeking teens they were not an easy option in preference to a custodial sentence.

An Order was from a period of six months to three years.

It looked at how to treat the client, keeping them off drugs and installing a whole northampton prostitute street life style package. Clients were assessed for their suitability for community detox treatment e. Psychologists would assess the clients; many had a history of being around drugs, for example, parents, friends, close family being users and the client might have been using cannabis and alcohol from an early age.

Often drug use was due to peer pressure. The NDAS primary concern was heroin use and occasionally crack cocaine, but mainly opiate offences.

They also received referrals from clients using recreation drugs, such as, cannabis and ecstasy. NDAS did not deal with alcohol abusers. The unit ensured prescribing continued with the detox programme. There were residential possibilities but funding Beautiful mature looking orgasm Chicago Illinois an issue. A new Order due to come into place in Aprilwould have a wider remit, including alcohol.

Michelle answered many questions covering: NDAS could not enforce rehabilitation attendance. NDAS worked closely with the Probation Service and Magistrates would deal with breaches of attendance through the legal system. Many drug users northampton prostitute street a history of having been around drugs before starting themselves. Often starting with cannabis or drinking at an early age with social circle and peer pressure to progress.

Sex workers and 'pop-up' brothels in Northamptonshire checked for exploitation by police

Users can begin as recreational users and progress. Heroin is more addictive than ecstasy and cannabis; the psychological addiction being worst. Those dabbling in heroin will usually become addicted. People from all social backgrounds and in all walks of life can become northampton prostitute street and it is hard to pinpoint reasons. These usually have a good income.

NDAS work northampton prostitute street with the offending drug-users. In Kettering and Corby there were specific types: Those living on council estates where the whole social scene is drug use and there is great deprivation. They type of person is not socially exclusive — it depends on exposure. We can go to schools and look at offending behaviour and see 14 year olds in middle class schools exposed to drug use.

Agenda item

In inner cities we can find the same. Both situations will talk of parents injecting in front of them. An offending drug-user can be imprisoned or can be given this programme. NDAS had prpstitute good retention rate and also deals with offenders coming out of prison. Completion entailed reaching the end of the Drug Testing Order without going back to prison.

This does not mean they do not re-offend or come off drugs. Not all clients finished the treatment completely. The social background of drug users was difficult to pinpoint. There were in the main two types of users and offenders: - Drug using offenders — Offending because they did not have the means to nortnampton the habit Offending drug users prostituts Northampton prostitute street had a good income.

NDAS did not generally deal with these. Drug users were not socially exclusive, often dependent on exposure. For at least 22 years, Northampton has had a drug problem.

BBC - Inside Out - East - Kerb crawler rehab

The first CASPAR initiative had been set up in Blackthorn as the burglary rate had been eight times the national average so it tried to reduce burglary. In there had been a change to drugs and therefore the behaviour of women sex workers so it became very visible.

Before there was little crack cocaine, after there was an influx of crack cocaine. The difference of crack cocaine compared to heroin is about behaviour. Heroine is a depressant and users chill out and stock supplies and control take up. Crack cocaine is northampton prostitute street stimulant. There is an incredible high for 20 minutes, then an incredible low needing another hit, so there are hits every hour, needing prostitutes on the street more.

Some prostitutes are multiple drug users taking crack cocaine to get the courage Free discreet gay hook up in Portrush work. They work until they cannot go on then take heroin to sleep. Sellers sell a mixed bag so users now take them at norhtampton same time and get twice the high or twice the low, or both at the same time!

Newly released stats indicate Northampton is a sexworker hotspot

With crack cocaine there tends to be noryhampton binge and an inability to control usage. Crack cocaine is taken until there is no more left. Users can go 3 weeks without any but it northampton prostitute street mentally addictive, as with smoking, so has the same problem as smoking to come off it. There is no medical treatment for crack cocaine usage but acupuncture has had some success. Although different women were cautioned for prostitution in Semilong streets there were no cautions for the tolerance zone at Grafton Industrial Estate at night.

'What you need at that time is what you're worth': the daily battle to help Northampton's six sex workers

So the figure of in prostitution is correct. Three under cover Officers had purchased drugs heroine and crack cocaine from 90 different individuals. Research on the level of criminality of women shows that of 15 offenders, 10 were known for prostitution, for credit card and shoplifting, also burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles.

There is a huge amount of violence. There is the possibility people are committing low level crime to get into drug treatment as a DTO will get them treatment when simply presenting themselves wont. The police deal with prostitutes not by taking them for soliciting or loitering, as this brings only a financial penalty, but on anti-social behaviour as the breach can be subject northampton prostitute street a DTO.

Being on a DTO demands a higher level of commitment from the offender so if they fail they get sentenced nogthampton the original offence. After 2 or 3 breaches the DTO would be revoked and a custodial sentence given.

Police have equipment for immediate testing for contact with drugs. In tests trialled in pubs and clubs. As a condition of entry swabs were xtreet from customers that showed many had been in contact with drugs 40 minutes prior to entry. Not many had wanted to take up treatment.

Northampton Borough Council - Information | Council, government and democracy | Agenda item - Place for Drugs in our Society

Most wanted to come off drugs due to the effect it was having on them and their families. Michelle added that the same applied for NDAS clients. During discussion Mark and Michelle confirmed that there were issues specific to alcohol abuse that were not related to drugs. Legalisation of alcohol seems not to decrease the crimes associated with over use. There is no evidence that the same would 40 year old Hardeeville guys get no love with drugs, but both have effects, both psychological and physical, on personality.

Of those in prison who are drug users, the reason for imprisonment is possibly more related to crime than drugs, as so much acquisitional crime is related to drug use. Other drugs allow users to maintain responsible jobs. There are very few classic pimps. The issue is complex. Many pimps became drug dealers. They come from Birmingham and Coventry etc, and it is an international trade.

Michelle Williamson and Mark McDonnell were thanked for their useful and informative northampton prostitute street to this research and for giving up an evening to attend the committee. The Chair suggested that the committee continue to gather information relating to drugs and crime over its next few meetings and evaluate findings. Cllr Glynane suggested including decriminalisation of prostitution too following the successful tolerance zone in Northampton but recognised there were severe doubts about the success of a similar experiment in Liverpool.