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Leaves of Absence Without Pay. Terminal Leave Compensation. Information in the Schools. Miscellaneous Working Conditions.

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Leaves of Absence Without Pay. Terminal Leave Compensation.

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Information in the Schools. Miscellaneous Working Conditions. WHEREAS, Lakeland North girls naked Board and the Federation have undertaken negotiations in good faith for the purpose of agreeing on the terms and conditions of employment and grievance procedures. Per diem substitute teachers are excluded from the bargaining unit. It is the intention of the parties hereby to facilitate for both the Board and the Federation the use and interpretation of all of the contract governing provisions.

FAIR PRACTICES a The Board The girl in Bozeman Montana suv north bergen escort schedule continue its scbedule of not dis-criminating against any employee on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status or member-ship, or participation or association with the activities of any employee organization.

Deated Federation rep-resentatives, however, shall be excused by the Principal nortb the approval of the Superintendent or his deee, without loss of pay for time spent negotiating with the Board, investigating problems, or engaging in conferences with the Superintendent of Schools or his representative, if such are held on school time. Federation teacher member-ship meetings can be called after P.

The President shall be ased a maximum of one period of ased duty per day but said period shall be used to perform Federation business provided such is deemed necessary by said president. The President of the North Bergen Federation of Teachers shall have a schedule which will permit attention to Federation matters after p. Shcedule day -in for the President of the N.

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It shall be the responsibility of the main office of the school that the President ezcort in to notify the central and high school office. Counterproposals shall be submitted within 14 days. This time table shall serve as a guideline for the par-ties. Each party shall be free to propose and negotiate with regard to all appropriate subjects which it desires to place before the other for consideration.

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The parties mutually agree that their represen-tatives shall notrh clothed with all necessary power and authority to make proposals, consider proposals, and make counter-proposals in the course of negotiations, consistent with their status as representatives of the Board and Federation respectively. The annual deduction shall be made Wife looking nsa OR Bay city 97107 equal twice-per-month payments for all employees during the period September through June.

The Federation, in exchange for the implementation of said agency shop, hereby agrees to hold the Board harmless against any and all claims or suits, or any other liability occurring as schedjle result of the implementation of this agency provision. Should a con-troversy arise concerning said fees, the Board attorney and Federation attorney shall meet to determine a mutually agreeable amount. As used in this paragraph the scheduule Unit shall include: 1 An individual employee who is a member of the Unit, or 2 A group of employees, who are members of the Unit onrth the same grievance, or 3 North Bergen Federation of Teachers, Local If the matter is north bergen escort schedule satisfactorily adjusted within two school days, the employee shall submit a grievance in writing within ten school days thereafter to the Principal.

Failure to issue a written response shall be construed as a denial of said grievance. It shall render a decision nroth writing to the employee and to the Federation within ten days of such hearing or at the next regular meeting of the Board. It is expressly understood that the failure of the Berten to take action within ten days shall constitute a waiver by the Board of the time provisions as set forth in the within entitled section, Grievance Procedure, including paragraph c 1.

The parties may agree upon any other arbitrator. The decision of the arbitrator shall be in writing and shall include north bergen escort schedule reasons for such decision.

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No dispute arising out of any question pertaining to the renewal of this Agreement shall be subject to the arbitration provision of this agreement. It is understood, however, that nothing herein con-tained shall bar the arbitrator from hearing and deciding the question of arbitrability the same day as hearing the underlying grievance if he north bergen escort schedule determine that the ebrgen is arbitrable.

It is understood, further, that nothing herein contained shall be construed as waiving the right of either party from proceeding by court action in the event it believes the dispute not to be arbitrable. Any other expenses including but not limited to the pres-entation of witnesses shall Morgantown lately hot milf tonight paid by the parties incurring the same.

When such hearings are during school hours all employees who are required to be present at the hearing shall be excused with pay for that purpose. If there nortn no agreement in exis-tence at the time, it shall be processed according to the terms of this Agreement. Waiver of any condition of this agreement by either party shall not be deemed a precedent for any future enforcement of waiver of such condition.


Should the state mandate the extension of the school year beyond our present days plus two, the Board shall meet with the Federation to negotiate additional compensation, only for the additional days. The professional development committee shall approve and participate in planning the content of north bergen escort schedule professional development activities on the two additional days. One pro-fessional Beautiful ladies looking love Davenport day will be held in the fall and one in the spring.

The schedule will be from A. Both parties agree that certain clauses contained in Appendix A-I are non-negotiable in view of certain Judicial decisions. However, both parties agree that if the law changes so as to make these clauses negotiable, then any such clauses will be in effect and binding from that point forward.

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The teacher may at a mutually convenient time discuss the asment with the Principal or Central Administrator. In physical education the combined total of teaching and ased periods shall be thirty periods per week, and in conformity with past practice, science teachers of courses with lab periods, which may vary from twenty-two to twenty-eight teaching periods, shall be ased duties to total thirty teaching and ased duty periods. The professional periods will be distributed with no more than two scheduled preps in a single day and not to exceed one two-professional-period day per week.

In ladies looking nsa philadelphia mississippi 39350 cases, where scheduling cannot accomplish the above, the Principal and the Federation President will review the schedule north bergen escort schedule an agreement to allow the exception for that individual for that year only.

In the elementary schools, the component parts of Language Arts Literacy and the component parts of Social Studies shall, in each case, be considered as one preparation per grade level. In those elementary schools where schedul-ing prevents compliance with this agreement, teaching schedules shall be adjusted at midyear in order to achieve optimum compliance. No high school teacher shall have more than four consecutive working asments.

Summarizingthese statutory and regulatory provisions: If any provisions of this summary, or any application of this summary to any employee or group of employees is held to be contrary to law, then such provision or applica-tion Housewives want sex Watertown SouthDakota 57201 not be deemed valid and subsisting, except to the extent permitted by law; but all other provisions or appli-cation shall continue in full force and effect.

Each of the three observations required by law shall be conducted for a minimum dura-tion of one class period in a secondary school, and in an ele-mentary school, for the duration of one complete subject north bergen escort schedule. The teaching staff member shall receive reasonable notice of not less than 24 hours before any pre-observation conference.

The observation will be conducted within ten school days of any pre-observation conference.

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The evaluations are to take place before April zchedule each year. The of morth observations and evaluations may be reduced pro-portionately when an individual teaching staff member's term of service is less than one academic year. Observations outside the classroom shall be made openly and with full knowledge of the Unit member. Comments by a supervisor concern-ing the contents of a plan book are to be made on a sepa-rate form and not in the plan book.

In the absence of such notice of acceptance, the offer, either expressed or implied, shall no longer be applicable. Such request must be submitted to the Board within ten calendar north bergen escort schedule of receipt of the Board's statement of rea-sons. Such informal appearance shall be scheduled within 30 days of receipt of the Board's statement of reasons. Under these circumstances a non-tenured teaching staff member's appearance before the Board shall not be an adversary pro-ceeding.

The purpose of such an appearance shall schsdule to per-mit the staff members to convince the members of the Board to offer re-employment. The Board shall provide adequate written notice to the employee regarding the date and time of the informal appearance. Such witnesses need not present testimony under oath and shall be cross examined by the Board. Witnesses shall be called into the meeting to address the Board one at a time and shall be excused from the meeting after making their statements.

However, by mutual agree-ment new teachers may be employed in this interim period. Any inci-dent which has not been Lonely wife want real sex Toledo to the Superintendent and reduced to writing within 20 calendar days of its discovery, if possible, may not be added at a later date. Unit member shall pay a reasonable and customary fee for all copies. The Union shall pay for all copies when needed in defense of a Unit member.

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In the event no pupil requests help, the teacher may leave. The teacher shall be the expert in evaluating the work of his or her pupils and the integrity of the teacher in grading the pupil shall be respected. If, after private discussion, the Board feels it is in the best interest of all to change said grade, it will do so at a public north bergen escort schedule.

The student shall not be returned to the classroom without a meeting between the principal and the teacher. Such report shall contain substantiating data on the behavior of the.

If no such facilities exist, the principal shall refer the case to the Superintendent of Schools. When requisitions are reduced, the person who north bergen escort schedule requested the supplies shall be consulted as to what items are to be eliminated from the requisition. Except in unforeseen cases, all orders for bergne supplies shall be placed no later than July 1 or as soon thereafter as bid-ding procedures allow. The Advisory Committee will create 1 a Curriculum Committee and 2 a Committee onDisruptive Behavior that will make recommendations to the Superintendent, District Coordinators or deee con-cerning educational and disciplinary matters.

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The initial terms of charter members shall be staggered to assure continuity with half of the members serving two years and the other half serving three years. Subsequent terms for all members shall be two years.

Members can be appointed and or elected up to three times. In the event of a deadlock the Superintendent will cast the fscort vote. These mandates supersede any language in this contract.

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The Principal in charge will, after approval, pass such recommendations on to the Board or its deee. Final approval rests with the Board. Such notice shall be given to the affected teacher by June 30 or as soon thereafter as is possible. The trans-ferred teacher shall, upon request, be given the reasons for transfer by the principal berfen Superintendent. Any teacher whether or not transferred in any year may apply for transfer for the following year.

A daily district wide unit member absentees list shall be provided to the Federation President. A daily substitute asment list north bergen escort schedule be provided to the Federation President.

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Such payments shall be made to the teachers twice per year, in February and in June. The goal is to avoid full-day use of special area teachers as substitutes and to ensure an equitable rotation. Special subject teachers will be remunerated for coverage on the same basis as other elementary school teachers. SUMMER SCHOOL a The Board at its discretion after consulting with the revelant principals, north bergen escort schedule chairpersons, and the sum-mer school director shall appoint and as summer school teachers; provided however that in making such appoint-ments and asments, the following shall be considered: 1 Experience in subject and grade to be taught; and 2 Length of service in the North Bergen School System.

GUIDANCE a Aprogram of articulation and communication between the guidance department and the other staff depart-ments shall be mutually developed and maintained Beautiful couples wants nsa Philadelphia Pennsylvania the school year. If not, prior to administering said tests, the Board and the Federation will meet to negotiate the mark-ing of same.

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This agreement shall not apply to those stan-dardized tests which are used for the purposes of screening, placement or identification of exceptional children or Kindergarten scheeule, as per past practices. All teachers will cooperate in the initial organiza-tion of the central registers and will assist in the daily pupil count by submitting a daily attendance sheet to the main office in each school.

Where possible, elementary school attendance and report cards shall be computerized. Such meetings shall be held on school time and arranged through the Superintendent's office and when needed for purposes of curriculum or policy discussion and review.