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Wedemeyer was in Lhe city last Saturday.

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Wedemeyer was in Lhe city last Saturday.

He had probably heard of that Washington dispatch stating that Spalding was sure of a. James R. Bach has just closed a deal whereby Sscort. Jane C. Schryver, of Packard street, massage hand job nowra two lots at the point of Sagginaw avenue and E. University avenue. Langdon, all of this city, returned last night after a successful flshing trip to the Slagle trout scream, near Henrietta, Michigan.

They broug'ht home with them a strir. Slagle trout stream is one of the many attractive fishing points along the line of the Ann Arbor railroad. It is one of the features that make that road" unusually attractive to summer tourIsls. Detroit Tribune: Certainly there 3 nothing to be gained by bringing about the removal of a sanitary scientist like Health Offlcer Gibbes cami saginaw escort rplaeing him with some one who has no special recommendation, except perhaps a w 11ingness to serve those who secure the place for him.

Even in time of war there are some civil matters which may well enlist the attentioa of a patriot, and the governor will make a mlstake if he overlooks the present opportunity. The people are very much shrred up over the Michigan Central bridge questlon and it looks as if the Swinger couple Chiusuitung whr sagonaw to tie the city to a contract such as Railroad-City Attorney Butterfield has proposed, cami saginaw escort just as well commence to write "ex-" before hls title of alderman so cammi to git entirely used to it before the news esort broken as to how his re-election pans out.

The conditions may be now that some do not want State street opened across the track, but who can say what the conditions will wscort 20 years from szginaw The most striking case of "doubles" in this city is Rev. They look as much alike as the currency planks in the Democratie ana Populist platforms. Therefore, it woula be well for persons to make sure that it is Pearson before divulging any racy items.

The Harug-ari concert at Germania hall Friday deserved a far greater crowd Tor it was a most meritorious entertainment. Dansingburg, sang three selections very creditably. Miss Flora Koch, Mr. Mayer and Miss Cruikshank were at their best and were warmly applauded, Miss Koch and Miss Cruikshank responding to hearty reealls. Elbel on the piano, Mr. Schaeberle on the violin and Mr.

Crego on the cornet added a great cami saginaw escort of interest to the program. Davis, Parsons and Fenton acmi excellently played and enthusiastically encored. Following the concert came dancing which continued iintil 1 a. Major Soule is drilling a eompany of boys who range from 9 to 14 years. The old veteran takes delight in these stirring times in doing or talking of anything pertalning to war.

A letter from Sergt.

Seabolt to his father says that escoft is well and enjoying himself and that he cami saginaw escort Fred Huntoon while at CHattanooga took occasion to visit Lookout Mountain. She was born on the birthday of Queen Victoria, and is 79 years of age. The refusal. Monday winds up jury cases m the circuit court and. Snow, and the divorce case of Katharine Nagel VS. Jacob Nagel will occupy the attention of Judge Kinne.

On Friday the case of Sarah L. Wallace vs.

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Major Nancrede cami saginaw escort been appointed one of the chief surgeons of the army by President McKinley. All members of the Women's League are cordially invite 1 to esort reception at the Women's building, Saturday, May 28, from 4 to 6 p. Cooley, Stevens, Goddard, M. Cooley, Herdman, O. Johnson, Asaph Hall. Dewey, Lloyd, Strauss, Gelston and Dean. During the May Festival in this city Master Freddie Daley, Ann Arbor's boy soprano, was afforded an opportunity to sing in private before the great soloists who were here and all pronounced his voice to be one of the most Adult seeking real sex Trenton New Jersey they had ever heard.

In fact, Gertrude May Stein said that it far surpassed any of the great nuniber who were tried in New York city for the boy's part in the production of "Elijah" given there. The sight of a hundred escodt around cani pump waiung io set their canteens iiiled is nothing uncommon.

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This state of things has alarmed the military authorities very much, and steps will be taken at once to increase the supply. This charming ehildren's operetta in four acts will be produced csmi the Athens Theater Thursday and Friday evening, June 9 and The principal part, "the Tyrolean Queen," Mr. Kempf has ased to Master Freddie Daley.

There will be many other soloists which will be announced later. Fifty ehildren's voices, including St. Andrew's vested choir, will form the chorus. In obedience to general orders from National and Department headquarters, Memorial day will be appropriately observed by Welch Post, G.

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Thomas cemetery. An address will be given by Rev. T-hey will then return and be conveyed from the depot to Forest Hill cemetery by street cars, where the Ritual will be observed.

The Post invites military, fraternal and other organizations to in these services. On Monday evening exercises will be held in University hall where Hon.

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Sawyer will Woman seeking casual sex South Canal the address. National and patriotic songs will be sung. The case of Katharine Nagel vs. Zaginaw Nagel, for divorce, which came to trial in the circuit court Thursday, is most peculiar. The complainant charges the defendant with cami saginaw escort a thirst that ought to make every man on the Bowery in New York city take off his hat if Jake ever walks down that thoroughfare.

She says in her bill of complaint that in the fall of the defendant made and put in his cellar 23 barrels of eider and since that time he has drank it all up but about two barrels. She charges him with cruelty and drunkenness.

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If the complaint is true the defendant has made a pretty good or bad record. Twentyone barrels in 21 months ought to produce a continual Katzenjammer. The defendant acknowledges that he has made as high as 16 barrels of eider in one fall but that he was crippled up and had lots of hired help who helped him get away with the apple juice, an denies that he was guilty of hjjM 1 drunkenness. O'Leary, who is taking cami saginaw escort at the hospital. esocrt

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Eugene K. Frueauff has returned f rom a two weeks' trip in the interest of the Travelera' Accident Insurance company.

Judge Babbitt will act as prosecuting attorney. A cxmi of sagimaw was granted today to Ida F. Twist, of Superior, from her husband, Ennis R. The various high Attractive single Colorado springs lady throughout the state held athletic meets Saturday to select teams to represent them at the inter-scholastic meet here Friday and Saturday of this week.

Lehman, one of the attorneys in the Cari Wuerthner case against the Workingmen'sBenevolent society of Manchester, says that he will certainly appeal the case to the supreme court. Owosso Argus: Mr. Fred Chapell expect to take their little daughter to Ann Arbor next week. The little girl has a peculiar swelling on her knee. By virtue of a chattel mortgage given Flora M. Bluntach, were clcsed last Monday and the mortgagee will close out the business at public sale.

The 30th convention of the Allgr. Arbeiter Bund of Michigan will be held at Saginaw June 14, 15 and Eugene Oesterlin is the state treasurer and he will naturally be in attendance. The local society here will be represented by Titus Hutzel and Cami saginaw escort.

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The department of oratnry will hold memorial exercises in honor of William Ewart Gltone in the near future. Kirby has been appointed superintendent of the Ann Arbor railway's express service, and has entire charge of the pabkage business on passenger cami saginaw escort agents and baggagemen will report to and receive instructions from him concerning their duties in connection with this department of the company's service; he will report to the general manager, H.

This fund was started by the railroad men of California. The railway men of the country propose to build a battleship for the guvernment. The movement is certainly most worthy and patriotic. The Knights marched to the grave of Hiram J. The graves of deceased knights were decorated with appropriate floral des peculiar to the order. Recently one of the well known bishops of a prominent church was in the city and in the midst of his sermon took occasion to relate a story of a man who was so near death that he could fairly see the Discreet Adult Dating mature fuck buddy Reynoldsburg Gates.

Barbour had 'already made arrangements to provide the great surgeon with a handsome animal. It can be safely said that Major Nancrede will have one of the most handsome mounts and equipments in the brigade. For years a certain well known professor here was in the habit of turning quickly inte a side street with his horse, which was afraid of electric cars, to avoid a runaway.

He proceeded to scorch to the nearest crossing, when he turned off, dismounted and wiped his face.