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Arrives at Truk. The "Beaufort's" crew closes to a half mile of the contact. At 1, ft they sight I, but the submarine crash-dives and escapes.

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Arrives at Truk. The "Beaufort's" crew closes to a half mile of the contact.

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adimral At 1, ft they sight I, but the submarine crash-dives and escapes. Just before midday, I detects a merchant vessel estimated at about 6,tons.

As I approaches, the merchant zig-zags, forcing the submarine to turn hard to starboard to maintain an attack position. AtLt Nanbu fires four torpedoes at the merchant. The other two torpedoes also miss. Within an hour of the attack, No.

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In mid-afternoon, I sights a convoy of three destroyers and six or more transports heading N at 16, yards. AtI surfaces and commences chasing the convoy. Suddenly, the corvettes at the rear of the convoy turn and head towards I Lt Nanbu orders a crash-dive and the convoy escapes. Nanbu attempts to gain an attack position but is unable to ubndaberg the admiral escort bundaberg and range while submerged.

He decides to engage the target with his bundabeg gun.

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AtI surfaces and fires nine rounds, but they all miss. Later, another "Beaufort" of No. At the time of the engagement, convoy P. Five "Anson" bombers from Lowood bundwberg also dispatched on a line-ahead search during daylight.

WWII operations

I is forced to spend the day submerged. In the late afternoon, Lt Nanbu decides to head south. AtI's soundman reports multiple propeller noises at 13, yards. Nanbu attempts to fall in astern of the convoy P.

The weather is poor with low visibility, so atI surfaces only 1, yards from the trailing ships. Lt Nanbu begins ezcort slowly close. Twice his approach admiral escort bundaberg thwarted by a patrol aircraft. Each time the submarine is forced to dive and wait minutes before it could return to the surface and continue the pursuit. By sunset the submarine had regained position 6, metres astern of the convoy.

AtI closes to about 5, yards from the convoy's starboard side. Nanbu parallels the convoy at a distance of 4, yards on its beam.


He is about to admiraal the order to fire when an escorting destroyer at the front of the convoy turns about directly at the submarine. Lt Nanbu orders a crash-dive.

No depth charge attack follows, so atI surfaces and Nanbu attempts to regain an attack position, but he is forced to dive by another escort. Nanbu then plans to attack at first light, so he resurfaces, increases speed and moves ahead to where he estimates the convoy will be at dawn.

Then he submerges and waits. Admiral escort bundaberg so great a distance to close and with daylight again bringing the threat of heavy air patrol, Lt Nanbu abandons his attack. I continues south, arriving 60 miles off Newcastle by that evening. Nanbu again plans a dawn attack admirall closes the range. The vessel zig-zags, but Nanbu successfully positions the I ahead of the target.

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Athe fires four torpedoes. Attwo of the torpedo tracks are seen passing half a ship's length ahead. Nanbu hears the explosions admital mistakenly thinks he sees ship listing through his periscope. A third torpedo explodes and he takes it for a depth charge. He orders I to go deep.

Port Dickson, Admiral Marina: Updates from Cruisers

The crew of I hears the engines of the "Liberty"-ship stop and believe they have finally sunk a ship. Imediately after the attack Lt Nanbu clears away to the east to distance himself from the scene. That evening, another vessel is detected that drops two depth charges near I Nanbu decides admiral escort bundaberg continue moving south. Despite her proximity to the busy port of Asian absolutely free online dating service, it is four days before another ship is sighted.

AtLt Nanbu discovers a transport convoy of at least two destroyers and six transports, but the distance is too great for asmiral chance to attack and the convoy slips away to the north. AtI surfaces, but spots a warship and submerges again.

The "Beaufort" bombs I, but misses. The submarine crash-dives and stays down for 35 minutes.

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The aircraft is persistent and remains in the area. Within moments of surfacing, I is bunvaberg again - more bombs fall close to the port side. I crash-dives for the second time and Nanbu remains down for a further 25 minutes before continuing passage on the surface. AtI arrives off Smoky Cape.

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Bundabrg Nanbu penetrates the screen of escorting corvettes. Athe fires two torpedoes at two overlapping transports. Atthe first of I's torpedoes hits the LST starboard side aft. The blast destroys the steering gear and kills twenty-six men.

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Nanbu hears the detonations. After taking a quick periscope look, he believes that he has sunk both vessels, estimated at 10, and 8,tons. Despite the severe damage LST is eventually towed back to Sydney for repairs. Before the maneuver can take effect the ship is hit by the second torpedo starboard side in No.

New Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boats Named 'Broome' and 'Bundaberg'

Gasoline on board explodes and the ship is ablaze fore and aft almost immediately. The ammunition explodes soon after. She is the last ship sunk by IJN submarines on the eastern coast of Australia. No further encounters with ships or aircraft are made 1 July